Retro Wall-Hung WC Pan, Rim-Ex

Retro Wall-Hung WC Pan, Rim-Ex

Product Code: 7744B003-0075

Rim-ex: There is no formula for easy cleaning but closet! Rim-ex closet is designed to make cleaning the closet much more efficient Practical, Due to ductless bowl In a single move can be cleaned much easier. Special internal Cistern reduces soil surface to accommodate, contributes to hygiene. hanged features of the product can be cleaned much easier.



The German industrial design studio Noa, founded by Michael Lammel and Bertrand Illert, has developed nine collections for VitrA, including the Shift range – a hybrid of sanitaryware and furniture. It perfectly encompasses VitrA’s philosophy of creating bathrooms styled as living spaces that encourage lingering and enjoyment.


  • Product Properties Rim-ex
  • Connection Type Horizontal Outlet
  • Bidet Nozzle Inlet Without Nozzle
  • Compatible Products 74-003-001
  • VitrAclean No
  • Colour White