Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an installation frame for installing a Urinal?

The range of VitrA urinals are designed to be installed directly onto the wall/substrate and no frame is required.

Do I need a cistern to install the urinal?

The Urinals are designed to be installed with either a concealed/exposed cistern or via a direct mains feed in conjunction with a suitable mains fed solenoid actuator containing an air break valve.

Can I install a syphonic urinal with an exposed cistern/feed?

The syphonic urinals are designed to be installed with a concealed feed. As they have been designed and manufactured with a back entry feed point.

Do I need a bottle trap with your urinals?

The only urinals which require a bottle trap are Arkitekt 6546 and the 4319 ranges.

Do I need extra fixings to install the urinal?

The fixing kit which accompanies the bowl will contain the necessary brackets and fixings for installation.

What height do I install the urinal?

Each individual product has a recommended installation height depending upon the models aesthetics and dimensions.

How does the infra-red urinal sensor work (PIR)

When the PIR detects movement at the urinal, an electronic pulse from the infra-red sensor is sent to the valve which opens the normally-closed solenoid valve and water flows to the urinal bowl through the spreader. The valve will then close after the allotted amount of water is flushed through (this can be altered depending upon model type)