Frequently Asked Questions

How should I clean the WC cover?

You can clean the product with cotton-based damp cloth and clear water, soapy water or non-scratching and non-solvent cleaning substances (which do not contain oxidizer and chlorine).

Which cleaning substance should I put into the VitrA Fresh detergent drawer?

We recommend a non-solid, non-acid liquid cleaning substance.

Can I convert battery-operated flushers into electricity-powered systems? Or can I convert electricity-powered flushers into battery-operated systems?

As the both products bear the same load as energy so they can be converted. For technical support, please contact your installer or retailer.

There is 3 to 5 mm gap between the back connection points of WC covers and the WC. Will the cover be broken due to this gap?

No, the cover will not be broken due to this gap. The 3 to 5 mm gap between the back connection points of our WC covers and the WC has been intentionally designed to work in this way.

Why do metal hinges rust although they are stainless steel? What should be done during cleaning?

Hinges of our WC cover hinges are made of high quality stainless steel and a special treatment is used to strengthen its rust-free characteristics. However, acid-containing cleaning substances cause burning to this surface and therefore, the product may lose its rust-free characteristics. To avoid this problem we recommend that you do not use acid-containing cleaning substances.

How do I select the correct seat cover?

Your retailer can advise or please refer to the brochure for more information.

How durable is the seat cover?

The seat cover is very durable but they are not manufactured to bear any significant load.