Frequently Asked Questions

What are the properties of VitrA Clean and VitrA Hygiene?

VitrA Clean offers easy cleaning. A special layer is applied to the baked ceramic product surfaces. Our Istanbul range products are produced as standard with VitrA Clean surface. To maintain the VitrA Clean properties, we recommend that you wipe the product surface with a soft damp cloth and avoid using use solid abrasive sponges and abrasive powder detergents on product surface.

VitrA Hygiene prevents the growth of bacteria and germs on product surface thanks to the silver ions added into the glaze raw material, and maintains its lifetime effects. VitrA Hygiene is produced for limited range.

The Vitra flush pan is not working

Heavyweight detergent maybe required to ensure correct functioning

I have a close back pan and need to tighten the seat – how do I do that?

All seats have an easy tightening mechanism that does not require the removal of the pan. Please check the installation guide.

Can the Rim-ex pan diverter be cleaned and can it be removed?

Yes, it just pulls out for cleaning and pushes back into place.

How can I remove the scratches on the product surface?

You can use a ceramic eraser for scratches which have not penetrated the thin glaze surface of the product surface. However, we recommend you contact the showroom for more information.

Will any WC be suitable for my bathroom installation or refurbishment?

As different WCs are produced according to installation measurements, we recommend that you check the installation with an expert installer or plumber before you buy a product. They will be able to offer advice and guidance.

Which cleaning substances should I use on ceramic products?

We recommend you use cleaning substances that have high PH value, this will avoid any corrosion or damage to the ceramic product.

Why is there an overflow hole in the washbasin?

The main purpose of the overflow is to allow air into the drain when the sink is filled with water. The air helps water in the sink to drain faster. A sink without an overflow opening is like a vacuum when it is full so it will generally drain slower.

Do the washbasins with LED consume high energy?

Washbasins with LED reduce the voltage from 220 volt power to 12 volt, because it is only activated with movement energy consumption is kept to a minimum.

The product I purchased came out damaged in the box. What should I do?

Please refer back to your retailer.

Brown and yellow stains occurred in my WC. How can I remove these stains?

Certain inorganic substances in water, for example high levels of lime scale can cause stains or residue on the surface of product over the course of time. With regular cleaning these stains can be prevented.