Frequently Asked Questions

Which cleaning materials should I use?

We recommend that all brassware is cleaned using a soft cloth and warm, soapy water instead of liquid detergent.

How important is ventilation?

Ventilation is very important in the bathroom environment to avoid the build-up of steam and condensation.

What are the potential problems caused by installation? During installation, what are the key points?

To ensure that your brassware operates properly, we recommend installation is undertaken by a professional installers.

Why are thermostatic taps are adjusted to 38 degree?

Thanks to the thermostatic cartridge, hot and cold water is mixed in certain quantities. This allows for safe use of water at desired fixed temperature and flow. Also, according to European standards, 38 degree is recognized as the ideal temperature that the human body can tolerate and therefore, water supply temperature of thermostatic taps and brassware is adjusted to 38 degree as default.

Is any hand shower compatible with any mixer?

Where possible VitrA brassware is compatible but we recommend you speak to your supplier or retailer to ensure you choose the right product for your bathroom

The tap is difficult to operate and is stiff to use

The ceramic cartridge may have dirt ingress and may need replacing. Ingress is where dirt/debris get stuck in the moving parts preventing a seal or making operation of the ceramic cartridge difficult.