Frequently Asked Questions

The water pressure of the sprinkler feature of the head shower is not sufficient. What is the minimum range of water pressure for the operation of the nozzles?

As the head showers do not have massage feature, the water pressure of the sprinkler is lower. Head showers are used with natural rain effect for rinsing purposes. For efficient use, 3 to 6 bars pressure is sufficient.

How can I make sure that a product that I would like to buy (shower cabin, shower tray, bathtub etc) is suitable for my installation infrastructure?

You can get the technical sheet or technical drawing of the product from the retailer prior to placing an order.

Why are your shower trays and bathtubs made of acrylic?

We prefer acrylic material in our products as it is durable, lightweight and hygienic. It is also easy to install, clean, maintain and repair.

What is the material of the front panels?

Our front panels are made of 3.2 mm acrylic.

What is the disadvantage of the panels made of polyester material?

Color difference may occur between body and panel of polyester panels in time. Color difference do not occur with the shower trays and panels made of acrylic material.

What is your acrylic thickness?

In our products, the following thickness of acrylic plates are used: 4 mm for rectangular shower trays up to 170 x75 cm, 5 mm for all products which are and above 170x75 cm, 5 mm for all cornered shower trays without considering any difference of size and 3.2 mm for bathtubs and panels.

What is a monobloc bathtub? What are the advantages?

Monobloc bathtubs do not require an additional panel for installation. They have the following advantages: low internal depth, easy to install on finished floor and fast discharge of water thanks to the 90 mm flusher.

Do the leg systems get rusty?

Leg systems are manufactured according to high quality standards. They are coated using a hot-dip galvanizing process and static oven-drying is applied yo them. Therefore, there is almost no risk of rust.