Frequently Asked Questions

The edges of my mirror have started to darken, why is this happening?

Acid-based cleaning materials could cause your mirror to darken. Please also be aware that if you use acid-based chemicals to clean other areas in bathroom e.g. the basin, darkening may occur on the edges of mirror due to evaporation even if you do not apply these chemicals directly to the mirror surface. We recommend using soapy water and a clean cloth to keep all aspects of the bathroom clean.

What should I use to clean my mirror?

Use warm, soapy water and a cotton-based damp cloth and ensure to dry it thoroughly.

Is all furniture compatible with all washbasins?

For most ranges we create complementary washbasins and furniture. Please consult your retailer or sales advisor to advise which basins and furniture will best suit your needs.

Does sunlight harm my furniture?

For VitrA bathroom furniture we use a lacquered thermoform (PVC) and MDF LAM materials with natural coating. In case of exposure to sunlight, the colour of the finish that uses a natural coating will change and this a natural process and will enhance the attractiveness of the product.

Can I leave the surface of bathroom furniture wet?

We recommend that you dry any wet areas and wipe away splashes of water. Leaving the surface wet will shorten the lifetime of your furniture.

Can I clean my furniture with tile cleaner?

Please do not use any acid-based cleaner as this may cause irreparable damage to the product surface.

Can I wash my bathroom furniture?

You should never wash your furniture because its core material is wood. If you wash your product, it may swell and damage. However, you can wipe down the areas with a damp cloth and this will keep the furniture looking its best.

If the bathroom space is unventilated, will the furniture and mirrors suffer damage?

Ventilation is important in any bathroom. Wooden materials do not tolerate damp or steamy environments so we recommend keeping the bathroom as well ventilated as possible.

Are the fluorescent lamps of lighted mirrors covered by warranty?

As the lifetime of fluorescent lamps changes for many reasons including the frequency of turning it on and off, leaving the lamp ‘on’ or electrical current etc., possible faults are not covered by warranty.

Does the furniture has any warranty?

Full details can be found in the maintenance and operation manual supplied with the product.

What is the warranty period of my bathroom furniture?

The VitrA warranty for Bathroom furniture covers against product faults for 2 years period.

Can I order a special product according to my bathroom measurements?

Each range of VitrA bathroom furniture is produced as standard with various measurement alternatives. For special cases, please contact your retailer.

Is PVC or lacquered product more resistant to water?

Both products are resistant to water. The difference between the two finishes is that PVC is a type of coating and lacquer is a paint application.

What should I do if I purchase my product in opened packaging?

Please check the product carefully with the retailer to ensure you identify any damaged areas as they will not be covered by the VitrA warranty.

How much weight can a product fitted to the wall bear?

A wall-hung piece of furniture has a bearing capacity of 70 kg if fitted correctly.

How can I find out if the product that I would like to purchase will be right for my particular bathroom?

We recommend you discuss your purchase with the VitrA retailer or your installer to ensure the product is right for your bathroom. To help guide the expert all products have technical information available on line or from the retailer.